Blackrock Medical Centre Prices

The information detailed below should be considered in conjunction with the Payment information under our Policies & Procedures which outlines details of the services covered/not covered by medical cards.


A longer consultation may be subject to a higher charge, at the discretion of the doctor

*Please advise at time of booking if more than 1 family members needs to attend

In addition to the General Consultation fee (as applicable)

Intrauterine Contraceptive Device (Copper)*

*The Copper Coil is NOT covered by the Medical Card. We can provide the Copper Coil at a cost of €40.00. There is an additional cost of €40.00 for the equipment used to insert the Copper Coil which is also NOT covered by the Medical Card. The total cost to Medical Card patients therefore is €80.00.

Hormonal Coil (icluding Mirena, Jaydess and Kyleena)*

*There is a purchase cost for Hormonal Coil in Pharmacies. Patients will be given a prescription to take to the Pharmacy.Equipment cost for fitting the Coil is €40.00 and is NOT covered by the Medical Card.

Implanon NXT*

*There is a purchase cost for Implanon at pharmacies. Patients will be given a prescription to take to the Pharmacy. Implanon insertion and/or removal is NOT fully covered by the Medical Card. The following rates apply to Medical Card holders: Insertion €40.00. Removal €40.00. Removal & re-insertion (same day) €80.00.


Menopause Consultation

Please see the dedicated Cork Menopause Clinic section of our website for full information on this specialist service. Alternatively, contact the surgery with any service or price queries.

Ring Pessary Insertion

Infection Testing

This is a full screen for STIs (Sexually Transmitted Infection) and includes bloods, swabs or urine test and any necessary referrals, prescriptions or follow-up.


Executive Health Screen



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