Blackrock Medical Centre Policies

New Patients

New patients are welcome.

If you wish to register please arrange an appointment to meet with the Doctor. It would be appreciate if you would state at the time if you wish to register with a particular doctor.

House Calls

Please contact the Surgery as early as possible in order to allow the best possibility of our House Call being dealt with as soon as possible.

If you or a family member are too incapacitated to attend the surgery and require the doctor to all to your home information will initially be taken from you by either the Practice Nurse or Reception Staff. This information will be passed on to the doctor who will call you back. If at all possible it is better if the patient attends the surgery as there is a full range of equipment here to deal with most problems. It is practice policy for the Nurse or Reception Staff to ask if this is possible. House calls are generally made to patients who are serious ill or have serious mobility problems.


During surgery times please telephone the surgery in the event of medical emergency so that arrangements can be made prior to your arrival. If the patient is too unwell to move please give the details to the Receptionist or Practice Nurse when you phone so that the doctor can be informed and make the necessary arrangements for your care. When the surgery is closed please contact SOUTHDOC.

Life threatening emergencies may require Emergency Services. In the event that you cannot contact the Surgery or SOUTHDOC first then ring 999.


If you have had blood tests taken in the surgery and are awaiting results please phone the surgery after 7-10 days. The Reception staff are unable to give results as a matter of policy. A message will be taken and either the Nurse or one of the Doctors will phone you with the results.

If you have been referred for X-Rays' or Scans by the Doctor these results may take longer to be received. Please phone the surgery two weeks after the procedure has been carried out.

If urgent results are received you will be notified immediately upon their receipt by one of the medical staff.

Repeat Prescriptions

To ensure that you do not run out of you medication please allow a minimum of twenty-four hours notice for a repeat prescription - please also bear in mind that we are not open at the weekend! Please note that if you require additional medication to your normal repeat prescription or if you require antibiotics you will need to see the Doctor.

Prescriptions may be collected from Reception during opening hours.

Please note that there may be times when the Doctor will require to see you before a repeat prescription can be issued please bear this in mind. Your medication must be reviewed at least every six months.


It is practice policy for all accounts to be settled at the time of consultation before leaving the surgery. We do not offer an invoice payment system. Payment can by made by cash or cheque.

PLEASE ENSURE THAT YOUR RETAIN YOUR RECEPTS you will need them to claim from your insurance company or under the MED 1 Form (you can claim tax relief on some medical expenses on this form). Please note that we DO NOT issue duplicate receipts.

Items not covered by the Medical Card include:

Please give plenty of notice if you require any of the above thus avoiding disappointment.

Out of Hours

Should you require urgent medical attention outside normal hours, medical cover is provided by SOUTHDOC between 6pm and 8am Monday to Friday and from 6pm on Friday to 8am on Monday. When you phone the surgery you will hear a recorded message giving you details of how to contact SOUTHDOC. The number for SOUTHDOC is 1850 335 999.

When you contact SOUTHDOC you will be asked by the member of SOUTHDOC staff for details of the patient, contact information and medical card details if applicable. If you have a medical card please ensure that you take it with you as otherwise you will be asked to pay for the visit.

The patient will be contacted by phone by a Triage Nurse from SOUTHDOC and assess the medical need from the information given. With this information you will either be offered advice if applicable or an appointment to attend SOUTHDOC, if the patient is too incapacitated to attend a house call will be offered or possible referral to the hospital.

If you consider your condition to be a life threatening emergency phone 999 and ask for an ambulance.

Southdoc Payment Policy

If you have a valid medical card you must bring it with you otherwise you will be charged for your consultation. Non medical card holders should pay for their consultation before leaving SOUTHDOC. Payments are by either cash or cheques.

How to Find Southdoc

There are two SOUTHDOC surgeries servicing the City. One on the North side of the City on the Commons Road in Millfield Commercial Centre and on the South side of the City just off the Kinsale Road Roundabout at the rear of the South Ring Retail Park.



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