Blackrock Medical Centre Menopause Clinic

We realise the menopause is a natural process but the symptoms may disrupt your life. We understand the menopause symptoms you may have which may include headaches, tiredness, night sweats, flushes, depression or vaginal itching.

This is why the Menopause Clinic, here in Blackrock, was set up. Having a trusted medical partner to work together with will make all the difference in finding the solutions that are right for you. For a supportive consultation call the Menopause Clinic today on 021 489 2996.

What Can The Menopause Clinic Do For You?



We have a dedicated Menopause Clinic

Call us on 021 489 2996 for details or to make an appointment.


Blackrock Medical Centre, 74 Skehard Road, Blackrock, Cork, Tel: 021 489 2996

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