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The Menopause

The Menopause or 'The Change of Life' occurs in all women. It is the permanent cessation of menstuation. It can occur naturally or be due to specific treatments such as to surgery, chemotherapy or radiotherapy or when the ovaries are removed often at time of hysterectomy.

The ovarian failure/removal results in low or rapidly reduced levels of hormones, most notably oestrogen, which trigger menopusal symptoms.

The Menopause itself is a retrospectic diagnosis, hence it can be diagnosed officially twelve months after a woman's last menstrual bleed. However, menopausal symptoms are often experienced in the 'Peri Menopausal' period, hence despite having their periods the fluctuating levels of oestrogen cause significant symptoms in many women.

There is also women who experience a natural menopause under the age of forty-five years and this is described as an 'Early Menopause'. A diagnosis under the age of forty is diagnosed as a 'Premature Menopause'.

Symptoms of the Menopause can occur in the monthly/years prior to periods finishing and vary in severity 'Peri Menopuse' symptoms include:


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